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Wix Stores

Professional eCommerce platform makes online sales easier


Wix Online Programs

Build and sell multi-step solutions


Wix Gift Card

Sell gift cards to increase sales and strengthen your brand


Wix Bookings

Scheduling platform, calendar and online booking


Wix Pricing Plans

Sales Plans, Memberships and Subscriptions


Wix Videos

All the tools you need to showcase your videos are here


Wix Events

Management platform for event tickets and reply letters


Wix Restaurants

Accepting online orders and providing takeout and delivery services


Wix Hotels (BETA)`

Create a smooth online booking experience

Discover all possibilities in Wix

Wix Chat

Send payment requests through Wix conversations and let users complete payments instantly.

Wix Pay Links

Instantly request payment from your contacts by sharing a unique payment link URL, allowing them to make secure online payments.

Velo by Wix

​Build a custom checkout experience with the Wix Pay API.

Wix Branded App^

Let customers make purchases in mobile applications through branded apps.

Wix Invoices

Wix Invoices is a payment request system that allows business owners to create, send, track, and manage invoices (payment requests), as well as receive payments online.

Restaurant Ordering

Allow customers to order and pay using their mobile phones.

+ plus hundreds of Wix commerce features included in a payment integration

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